"I contacted Dan at Live Music Consulting last year because I needed a music group to perform at the party for the launch of my website. Dan was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and concerns and was very effective in figuring out how to combine our music preferences with the budget we were allotted. The musicians were prompt in their communication and appearance, and they sounded great! They even played some songs by Chicago upon my spontaneous request!"

Bryan Fuller
Webmaster and Analyst, B&H Photo and Video, Web-based Entrepreneur

How Does Live Music Consulting Work?

Role Definitions

LMC – The Live Music Consulting performance referral network.

Patron – Anyone interested in hiring live Musicians.

Consultants – Once Patrons contact LMC, Consultants are their first and last points of contact. They are responsible for making sure Patrons are comfortable and well informed at all times. After Finding out a Patron’s preferences and constraints, Consultants communicate those needs to a Referring Musician (RM), who will be the Patron’s guide and contact for his or her event. After the event, the Consultant will contact the Patron again for feedback.

Referring Musicians (RMs) – Referring Musicians search for any other necessary Performing Musicians (PMs) for the Patron’s event. RMs are the actual matchmakers of the network. When acting additionally as a Performing Musician (PM), an RM is also responsible for negotiating the necessary contracts with the Patron, discussing payment options, and keeping the Patron well informed throughout the rest of the process.

Performing Musicians (PMs) – Performing Musicians (PMs) should display proper etiquette, perform in a manner that is musically appropriate, and be accommodating and flexible, within the boundaries of their contract. For cases in which the RM will not be acting additionally as a PM, a head PM will negotiate the necessary contracts and payment options with the Patron.

Referrer – Any PM, RM, Consultant, or non-musician, who is approved by LMC to independently market the network through the distribution of business cards (and other approved methods of marketing/advertising) in exchange for commission. A Referrer’s job is simply to give a potential Patron incentive to come to the website and fill out a contact form for more information.

* Multiple roles may be fulfilled by one person. For instance, a Consultant may provide marketing materials to a potential Patron. That Patron may contact LMC and the lead may be redistributed to that Consultant. Said Consultant then may choose to provide the performing services himself/herself. This would qualify them as a Consultant, RM, PM, and Referrer.

Referral Factor

One of the most empowering ways to make money in our network, in addition to the actual service of performing, is through the Referral Factor. When musicians, or anyone working as a marketing consultant for LMC, hand out LMC business cards, they receive a 5% commission on any work generated for the company. That is a minimum of $10 per card, assuming the lowest paid solo musician at $200 for one hour of work. Additionally, any musicians busy enough to be selective about their work to the extent that they only self contract, can still make 10% of the total payment just by referring gigs for which they are unavailable to another qualified musician, when called upon to do so.*

*This musician must be approved by LMC

Potential Earnings Scenario

“A-list” freelancers in and around most major cities may turn down anywhere from 10-50 reasonably well-paying gigs per year. With leads for gigs from LMC, that number could double. For now, let’s assume a total of 50 gigs turned down per year, including LMC leads. When you factor in holiday and wedding seasons, the average non-orchestral, one or two service gig could generate $300 (including solo, chamber, and jazz combo gigs). Based on these numbers, you would have earned $1,500 just for referring work you could not do, due to scheduling or health issues.

If you are in a position to pick up an extra 10 playing gigs per year that you did not have to market for, add another $3,000 to your income. Let’s now say, in addition, you’re able to refer patrons to our business and let someone else find musicians. This could result in several hundred dollars more. And we have not yet accounted for promotions and bonuses. This is just a small sampling of conservative numbers that you could add to your income by participating in the LMC network. Actual earnings could be considerably higher.

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