"Live Music Consulting made our party a smash! The guest of honor wanted a very specific type of music and he was absolutely delighted. The musicians were professional, talented, and flexible. Our Consultant, Dan, found us exactly what we needed. Having live music at our outdoor party made it feel like a festival at a luxury resort. Thanks for making this 70th birthday party so memorable."

Lisa Kent
Founder & President,
The Luminations Group

Why Participate In Such a Network?

As a freelance Musician, you are solely dependant on your own networking. When you don’t find gigs, you don’t get paid. LMC provides musicians with a network that ensures that they receive leads for gigs that they may play, or from which they may earn money through referral.


LMC provides a stable, productive, and self-sufficient business environment for the freelance musician that is structured around a corporate-like promotional ladder based on merit, efficiency, and integrity.

Earn referral commissions on the work you have to give away because you’re already booked. In other words, earn money in two places at once!

Whatever consulting fees and performing leads the musicians pay for through the LMC network can easily be recouped in referral commissions and bonuses. Musicians who are willing to be proactive, eager to learn, who strongly desire to better their career, and who aim to keep performing music as the focal passion in their career, will find Live Music Consulting to be a key for unlocking their success.

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"You are the music while the music lasts."
- T. S. Eliot